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Whitby, North Yorkshire - +44 (0)1947 602 799
With subjects from a wide variety of local sources, John Freeman never fails to enchant your attention.

West Pier, Whitby 14x10

This painting depicts the West Pier taking the brunt of a northerly gale, the stone gleaming, as seawater breaks over it. The first substantial piers were constructed in the early 18th century; the 338 yard pier we now see was completed about 1814. The fine lighthouse, 75 feet high, was built in 1831. Some of the capstans, used to haul sailing ships in and out of harbour when becalmed, or in unfavourable wind conditions, still remain on the pier today. A rough sea will always attract spectators, awed by its power. The West Pier, on a winter's day, is no exception to this. Size 14" x 10" Limited edition print

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