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Whitby East-Side Day

This is the image that most people think of as the essence of Whitby. With the orange pantiled roofs of the Crag at your feet and the charming huddle of houses and fishermen's cottages on the old East side. The Esk river, running through the harbour and out to sea, is home to a variety of craft, fishing boats and pleasure boats, cobles and yachts add bustle and colour to the scene.

The East Side is dominated by the cliff where two buildings of major importance stand. Whitby Abbey, founded by St Hilda in 657 AD, is now a striking ruin. It was once the site of a major religious settlement and important in that the date of Easter was set here. In front of its haunting profile, and nearer the town, stands St Mary’s parish church – a fine solid structure well suited to its exposed site above the town. 8x6" Approx

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