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With subjects from a wide variety of local sources, John Freeman never fails to enchant your attention.

The Catch, Whitby


An evocative study harking back to the hey day of Whitby`s fishing fleet. Set at no precise date it depicts some of Whitby`s landmarks, now no longer part of the townscape.

The old Boots corner on the end of the bridge and St Michaels church on the East side being two noteable features. A salmon boat is rowing towards the swing bridge, why is he slipping so quietly out of the harbour?

A late night landing is being hauled up to the fish quay, the boats deck gleaming with an assorted catch. Herrings aplenty being hauled from below, large Cod etc put to one side for sorting and putting onto ice.

The vessel depicts one of many working the North East coast from Scotland to the Humber, much of the boats detail is based on a North Shields boat “Celerity” built in 1933   8x6" Approx

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