John Freeman Studio

Whitby, North Yorkshire - +44 (0)1947 602 799
With subjects from a wide variety of local sources, John Freeman never fails to enchant your attention.

Whitby Rooftops 14x10

Whitby is a town blessed with many spectacular views and this study is, without doubt, one of it's most enchanting .

John allows the eye to explore the wonderful jumble of rooftops and chimney pots in the foreground then follow the silvery line of the river Esk as it slips under the swing bridge.

The bridge, built in 1909, is one of a long history of bridges built on this  site, a rare example of a horizontal swing bridge carrying an A class road.

Beyond the bridge the upper harbour with its busy marina full of yachts and cruisers creates an ever changing dance of sparkling light and shapes.

Onward and upward the eye moves. The river, still tidal at this point, curves out of sight through it's steeply wooded banks at Larpool creating a haven for wildlife.

John Freeman`s work finally gives a glimpse of the high moors surrounding the town where 23 miles away the river Esk begins its journey to the North Sea.

Signed Giclee` Print approx 14"x10"

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