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With subjects from a wide variety of local sources, John Freeman never fails to enchant your attention.

A Meander Down the Esk Hardback Book by John Freeman

A Meander Down The Esk

A Journey in Paint and Pencil

 The River Esk and the Esk valley encapsulates the best of northern English countryside. Desolate moorland which at times can be bleak. A river gently flowing through forests, past hamlets and villages. A countryside that was once blighted by industry that is now a diverse and vibrant home to wildlife. In contrast to the sparsely populated hills, Whitby is one of Britain’s most popular traditional seaside towns, it is still a working port with a fishing industry.

Throughout the course of the Esk there is a rich history and heritage. The supporting text to ‚Ä®John Freeman’s watercolours and pencil drawings provides background information and explores the Esk valley of the past.

A Meander Down the Esk will appeal to people who love the North York Moors National Park, the Esk valley and Whitby.

Featuring 60 of John`s beautiful watercolour images and over 100 pencil drawings accompanied by over 18000 words of text  in a high quality hardback book.  

Each copy is signed by John Freeman. A personal message can be added, please contact us to arrange this.

128 Pages. Approx size 12" x 9.5"

Original paintings and pencil drawings featured in the book are also available. Please contact us for details.

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