John Freeman Studio

Whitby, North Yorkshire - +44 (0)1947 602 799
With subjects from a wide variety of local sources, John Freeman never fails to enchant your attention.

Evening on High Street 17x13

As John Freeman's nocturne studies go, this painting, based on Ruswarp (pronounced Rusup) high street does not stray too far from the truth. St Bartholomew's Church has been moved a little, traffic has been eliminated and the odd tree has been pruned. Otherwise Ruswarp is instantly recognisable in this picture except the old buildings on the left have been altered to allow John Freeman to create that special feature of his nocturne studies, the warm working interior. Details gleaned from years of pottering around old farms and outbuildings give a feast of details inside to delight the observer. The pot-bellied stove originally lived in a shed where John Freeman spent many childhood hours working on his bikes and manufacturing various catapults! Cool moonlight reflecting on a frosty landscape contrasts perfectly with the warm light emanating from the shops' windows and doors giving this study a timeless quality which is the hallmark of these nocturnes. Though not exactly period pieces, the more unpleasant intrusions of the modern landscape are quietly ignored. This subject was originally featured on YTV's Dales Diary with Luke Casey. Approx 17" x 13" limited edition of 750.

17" x 13" Unframed - £75.00 Add to Basket