John Freeman Studio

Whitby, North Yorkshire - +44 (0)1947 602 799
With subjects from a wide variety of local sources, John Freeman never fails to enchant your attention.

Day's End Manor Farm 17x13

This evocative study is a further example of John Freeman's weaving of light and dark in his renowned nocturne studies. The 'bricks and morta' of the subject is actually Manor Farm, Sneaton. A magnificent group of barns and farmhouse just above Whitby. When sketched, the main barn did in fact hold wintering sheep, but from thereon the artistry of John Freeman starts to weave its own story. Old doors, long closed and padlocked, open to reveal dust covered lights with long unused tack hanging on rough plastered walls. Next door, another farmer, a son or brother? casts an eye over the penned flock. An outdoor lamp casts its glow over old chaps talking whilst a cold bright moon peers through the drifting cloud. Let your own mind continue the conjectures as to the who and what and when of these folk. John Freeman has explored some of the furthest reaches of the watercolour medium to create this study. Rich, deep tones and delicate colours, fine detail and broad washes all combine in this painting. The original watercolour was featured with Luke Casey on YTV's Dales Diary in January 1998. Approx 17" x 13" limited edition of 750

17" x 13" Unframed - £75.00 Add to Basket