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With subjects from a wide variety of local sources, John Freeman never fails to enchant your attention.

Shipwreck Off Saltwick 14x10

This powerful painting depicts an imaginary event under the cliffs just South of Whitby.

Although this is not a specific wreck, this piece of coastline has seen many such unfortunate happenings.

The ship is typical of the vessels that plied their trade along the East coast, often running the gauntlet of winter storms lashing the coastline.

Saltwick Bay (locally pronounced “Saltick”) and the cliffs above it are a fascinating geological mix of shale and harder rock topped by boulder clay.

Early days saw the Alum industry making this now peaceful stretch of coast into an industrial wasteland. Remains of the jetties, where boats took away this vital ingredient to the textile industry, are shown in this study.

The North Sea continues its action eroding the coastline still further and in years to come even this form we see today will be washed away.  Signed Giclee` Print approx 14"x10"

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