John Freeman Studio

Whitby, North Yorkshire - +44 (0)1947 602 799
With subjects from a wide variety of local sources, John Freeman never fails to enchant your attention.

Sandsend Beach 14x10

This is a subject normally depicted on a bright sunny day with children playing and families enjoying the beach.  This study, however, captures the tiny coastal village of Sandsend in a much more tranquil mood.  A bright path of moonlight across the calm sea and wet sand, cottages with smoke gently rising, create an atmosphere of peace and calm – a far cry from the powerful North Sea storms which can batter this coastline.

This study is another example of John Freeman taking a familiar subject and re-working it to create one of his evocative nocturne studies.  Signed Giclee` Print 14"x10"

14\"x10\" Unframed - £50.00 Add to Basket